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Q2100A Series  Automatic Wire Bonders

Q7000 Series Automatic
Wire Bonders

Q2100E Series Compact  Automatic Wire Bonders
2170 Control Component Bay

Complex Hybrid

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Why Questar?

Greatest value. Best price.

No other manufacturer builds fully automatic wire bonders at Questar's cost-effective price point. The Q7000 Automatic Wire Bonder series fills an important price/performance void, as no other wire bonder line offers a comparable combination of operator friendliness, flexibility, productivity, quality and low cost-of-ownership. From prototyping to medium volume production; from hybrids, DIPs and COBs to PGAs, BGAs and flex assemblies - all in one day; Questar delivers the greatest flexibility and value at the best price.

Built for you.

While other manufacturers focus on high-priced equipment with high-speed, high-volume capabilities, Questar is committed to supplying the best value-priced wire bonders and support to customers with lower volume, smaller lots, high wire count and other special needs. Instead of being an afterthought, our customers’ specific needs and unique requirements are the driver for our dedicated equipment design and customer support teams.

Keeping it simple.

Our wire bonders are user-friendly—easy-to-install, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-use. The straightforward software is a point-and-click, Windows-based program that is intuitive for operators to learn, utilize and optimize. Come see a Questar wire bonder demonstration and we’ll demonstrate how efficient and user-friendly our machines truly are.
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Ultra-low maintenance.

Questar uses off-the-shelf components in its equipment design, available internationally, so customers can easily obtain replacement parts and avoid the high cost and long lead times normally associated with manufacturers’ proprietary parts.

Personalized service and support.

Questar’s commitment to full service provides customers with installation, training, and process development assistance. We’re even happy to work with independent service personnel to meet your needs. We offer telephone technical support, remote diagnostic capability and highly customizable software to ensure customers receive immediate personalized support.

Lowest cost-of-ownership:

Quite simply, our unbeatable purchase prices combined with our increased machine uptime and near-zero maintenance requirements of our wire bonders mean the lowest cost-of-ownership available in the marketplace.

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