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Q7000 Series

Automatic Wire Bonders


Workholders for Manual and Automatic Wire Bonders


Complex Hybrid

Questar Products International, Inc.
1807H Santa Rita Road #270
Pleasanton, California 94566
Office:  925.461.0100
E-Mail: Info@QuestarProducts.com

Welcome to Questar Automatic Wire Bonders…
where productivity meets affordability

Questar fine pitch automatic wire bonders solve the day-to-day challenges associated with
small-to-medium lot sizes, multiple product variations and frequent job changeovers.


When it comes to automatic wire bonders, if you are looking for…

then contact Questar for the right automatic wire bonder for your needs

If you don't need the costly, esoteric features or high volume capacity provided
by most bonder manufacturers, why pay for it?

Find out how Questar can help you meet your automatic wire bonding
needs better, faster and less expensively than anyone else.

For Manual and Semi-Automatic bonding needs, we offer
Fully Refurbished K&S wire bonders, with warranty. 
Installation and training support are available.